Lemminkäinen acquires Wisepro Oy’s control technology

More info: http://www.lemminkainen.com

Lemminkäinen Wisepro product consist of wireless sensor networks, supported by remote control and monitoring system. These products and services are used to control building automation systems to utilize more energy efficient HVAC control, smart automatic wireless datalogging and remote monitoring. 

Our state-of-art “loop-back” control provides maximal energy savings

  • Our wireless sensors makes it finally easy to measure and control interior conditions of any kind of buildings, even in the old ones. Sensor data is used to room temperature compensation.
  • Our system takes a full advance of Local weather forecast information that contains lots of different weather parameters.  This data is fully utilized in weather forecast compensation.
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July 2012: Lemminkäinen acquires Wisepro Oy’s control technology
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